The New Cover for Flossie Smith created by Sherry Cutshaw Wiilliams


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Steve and Sherry Williams

Welcome readers to the Persimmon Grove Farm Publishing's Blog and On Line Store.  This site exists for  the promotion and sales of the novels known as the Miller Family Saga and to share a series of short stories of the site's founder, Steve Williams. Please feel free to check into our on line store where we are offering Steve's first novel "Flossie Smith" for sale.

Introduction to Flossie Smith:

It's 1932 in the socially conservative community of Flat Rock Township Indiana. Flossie Smith is a skinny  twelve year old tomboy who is battling to keep her personal identity. Everyday it seems that Flossie is confronted by her mother, an older sister, her aunt, or even her teacher Miss Sachs who want Flossie to give up her outdoor life to assume her "rightful" place "on the porch" and in the kitchen with her four husband hunting sisters. Josh Miller, her constant companion, best friend, and blood brother has offered Flossie a 50% ownership in his Blue Tick coon hound pup, Bob. When Flossie announces her intention of becoming a coon hunter and joining the all male Flat Rock Township Coon Hunters club, the shock to the social structure of the rural community was earth shaking. Only by the intervention of her father Jim Smith, her mentor Harry Waggerman, and Josh Miller's mother Margaret keep Flossie off the porch and in the woods. It's a fun read we promise.

The Characters:

FLOSSIE SMITH, A skinny twelve year old red headed tomboy is a brilliant student, that works summers for the Miller family, along with their son Josh, taking care of their fields, raising produce for the local food stores and families. Flossie is Josh's constant companion at school, worship, work, and play.  She causes real turmoil in her family and the community when she announces her intention to become a coon hunter.

 JOSH MILLER, a handsome twelve year and old best friend of Flossie Smith. Before she came to live in the township Josh was one of the loneliest boys on earth. Flossie changed all of that. Not only did he teach Flossie about gardening Josh showed Flossie how to fish, swim, and hunt all manner of wild berries, mushrooms, nuts, sassafras root, and pawpaws.

 CICERO MILLER, the titular head of the Miller family is the widower of Elizabeth Miller, manager of Exchange Clod Hopper baseball team and the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Connor County. Both the manager and Chairman  posts are of dubious value as the 1931 version of the Clodhopppers went 0 and 38 and the most quoted statement about his Chairmanship of the Democrats is that it is a worthless post in the most Republicans county in America's most Republican state.

 MARGARET MILLER, is the owner of Persimmon Grove Farm, a wedding gift from Cicero, and the mother of Josh and the wife of Isaac Miller. Margaret rules her home with a velvet glove stretched over an iron will and provides for her family by keeping a spotless house and canning everything the Millers grow. It is Cicero, who after Elizabeth's death has fallen from grace, that is Margaret's greatest challenge.

 ISAAC "Red" MILLER  is Margaret's husband and Josh's dad. Isaac is the Principal of Artesian City High School and the Superintendent of the local Methodist congregation. A former All American baseball player at Indiana University, Red Miller leads the Exchange Clodhoppers as their shortstop. A devout Christian who believes, teaches, and practices the revolutionary theology of the "Social Gospel"  which has unexpected consequences for him and his family.

 Supporting Cast:

 "Little" Harry Waggerman, a modern Daniel Boone and Josh and Flossie's mentor.

 Birdie Smith, Flossie's judgmental aunt and the Miller's across the street neighbor.

Professor Hugo Morris, Cicero's best friend. Hugo is head of the History Department at Indiana University.

 Aubrey Jackson, Retired All Star Pitcher from the Major Negro League and father to two very talented young pitchers.

 Slew Foot Bemis, The star player of the Great Plains League and manager of the Buck Town Grays.

 Maybelle Lewis, is the  rough and tumble Marshall of Flat Rock Township who harbours a special hatred for wife beaters.

 Arnold Skinner, competitor to Isaac for the spiritual leadership of Maple Grove Methodist Church and Goblin of the local Klan.

 Helen  Jackson, the revered nurse who is well known for including slave remedies in her cures.

Billy Easter, nationally known Evangelist who inexpicably accepts Isaac's invitation to preach Maple Grove's 1932 summer revival.

Coming titles:  Stout's Creek, Elizabeth Howard, Manny's Gold, Boss Miller, Josh Miller Sky Warrior, Boilermakers, Warriors, A Love Story.