1935 Flossie Smith Age 15

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Welcome to Persimmon Grove Farm.  This website is owned and operated by my creator Mr. Steve Williams. My name is Flossie Smith. I am the herowin of his first two novels "Flossie Smith" and "The Coon Hunters of Stouts Creek".  Both of them were published as ebooks and can be purchased at Amazon and other ebook outlets such as Barnes and Noble.  A third novel is in the process of construction.  At the time of this writing, "Elizabeth Howard"  is at the editors being reviewed for content, spelling, and proper English construction.  The newest novel will be published as a hard back and ebook and will be available for purchased in 2015. All three of the novels deal with the lives of the Miller family of Connor County Indiana. "Elizabeth Howard" tells part of the story of the of the wife of Cicero Miller, the grandfather of my best friend Josh Miller. I hope you will take time to read a bit from our selections.  Inside you will find information about how Josh and I played the roll of hunters and gatherers for our families during the Great Depression. I written all kinds of tips about fishing and gathering all kinds of edible produce from nature. Steve has an opionion area where from time to time he offers his views on the critical issues of the day. Finally, prior to publication "Elizabeth Howard" has been published in a rough draft within the pages of this publication. If you want to read it for free you should hurry up as it will be taken down in March 2015 in anticipation of the final draft and publication later in 2015.