1935 Flossie Smith Age 15

Welcome to my Life


On behalf of Steve Williams, I want to welcome you to "Persimmon Grove Farm" the website that has been created to give the reader a bit of background and wet your appitite to read the series novels about my life. My name is Flossie Smith. I grew up on Persimmon Grove Farm where I worked for the Miller family, with my best friend in the world, their son Josh. I am the author's eyes, ears, and voice for most of the articles you will find posted here. From me you will learn how to survive in the lean times, just like I did during the Great Depression. For a lot of folks it was the worst of times.  For me it was a new beginning. Come along and I will tell you how to survive your depression, if it comes. Beginning in April of 2014 our writer Steve Williams is publishing a new book in serial form one chapter at a time entitled Elizabeth Howard.  It is a prequel to Flossie Smith.  He is offering you the chance to comment on it as it is being written and published.  I hope you enjoy it. You can find it in the section shown as "a book being written."